DISCRETE ENTITIES, 2016, Acrylic on muslin over mat board, Series of 10, Dimensions variable. Created for Bridge Productions April 2016 Curated Box Sets.

I intend to speak of forms changed into new entities. -Ovid, The Metamorphosis

DISCRETE ENTITIES is a series of interactive sculptures exploring geometric abstraction through tactile-visual-temporal experience. Each is comprised of a unique arrangement of triangular tessellations joined by a foldable membrane, one side painted like mother of pearl, the other like obsidian or gunblack. When flattened, the sculptures evoke sigils, symbols endowed with power through ritual magic, or undeciphered characters from an ancient language. As the cells are folded and twisted, each combination forms a unique visual profile, different from the one that came before. While they are constructed from interlocking parts, the sculptures do not function as a puzzle. There is uncertainty here, no directions are given to the participant of how to find a final configuration.